Pop-Up Shops: Hatitecture and Un-Veil

Gabriela Ligenza’s signature pop-up shops began two years ago with Hatitecture, a collaboration with design duo ‘you&me’. Combining both party’s love for fashion and architecture, Hatitecture challenged up and coming designers and architects… Continue reading

Controlling the Rain at The Barbican

After a particularly wet summer, Controlling The Rain at the Barbican will make anyone wish that nature worked the same way as this innovative new instalment. Using 3D video cameras and computer equipment, The Rain… Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Bond!

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Dr No, the first ever James Bond film. Following 22 movies, a soundtrack CD, Best of Bond… James Bond – a digitally remastered collection of the movies most memorable theme… Continue reading

Framed! at Fashion Space Gallery

A collection of over 200 pieces of designer eyewear is on display at London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery as part of the ‘Elements of Fashion’ exhibition. Laid out as a journey… Continue reading

National Poetry Day

In honour of National Poetry Day, Piccadilly Circus’s famous billboards are being taken over by budding artists, designers and filmmakers replacing the usual advertising boards with poems. “Poetry is all around us, including… Continue reading

Nagi Noda Hair Hats

We all spend a lot of time on our hair: growing it; getting rid of it; styling it… But it’s doubtful that many of us have ever considered turning it into animal-shaped hats. Even… Continue reading

Ballgowns: British Glamour Since 1950 at The V&A

No longer associated with modern fashion, ballgowns are becoming a wonder of the past. It is easy, with fast paced trends of the 21st century, to forget the care put into these intricate designs, as… Continue reading

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