Hats versus Umbrellas

Whilst battling home in the gusting wind and rain at the end of yet another delightful, hat filled day at Ligenza “Head” quarters, I considered all the discarded umbrellas strewn along the pavement and wondered, not for the first time, why the owners of these broken relics hadn’t gone for the stylish, practical option of the “hands-free” umbrella instead.  No, I don’t mean those crazy mini brolly tops that sit directly on the head – they really should be resigned to the design dustbin –  I mean beautifully designed, glamorous, warm, functional hats.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21rutygn

Photo by Ralph Morse, 1950’s

In this age of multi-tasking, who has enough hands to be holding an umbrella anyway?  What with children in push chairs, phones, shopping, take-away coffee and dog walking – umbrellas not only don’t work when it’s the “wrong type” of wind and rain but they often are just not practical.  Instead, a really gorgeous fur felt or cashmere braid hat will not only look good for years to come; if it is fitted correctly, it will leave you hands-free to deal with all your “on the go” demands too. What’s not to like?


In fact, forget Google Glass – just find a way to fit that technology into a hat and you have an elegant solution to accessing information on the move too…O.k, maybe that’s a step too far but you can’t blame a Milliner for trying!