Hand in Glove

It’s not very often that practicality and style go hand in hand, but this season at Gabriela Ligenza we think we have the answer. Touch screen friendly gloves are not renown for looking stylish, or even very feminine, but we believe that French glove company Aristide have finally solved this tricky conundrum.


Celebrated in the fashion world for fusing the often gaping hole between beauty and functionality,  Aristide have developed a collection of fine leather gloves lined in cashmere that look great and….. yes, they work on touch screens too!  No more freezing your digits on wintery mornings, whilst trying to answer that all important phone call!


As most of us have experienced, touch screens usually rely on the physical contact between your skin and the device, which is fine in the summer months, but come winter it can leave us out in the cold.  Now, thanks to modern technology these problems are being overcome, and with glove company Aristide behind the designs, you can finally be proud to be seen in them too!