Ascot’s Royal Enclosure Ban Fascinators – What Will You Wear?

Ascot is almost upon us – with just one month left to plan your outfit, what will you be wearing?

Well, if you’re attending the Royal Enclosure, you certainly won’t be sporting a fascinator. As of January 2012, fascinators have been banned from the area, along with strapless or sheer strapped tops and dresses.

Ascot’s chief executive, Charles Barnett told the BBC, “It isn’t a question of elitism and not being modern in a world where there is less and less requirement to dress smartly – far from it… We want to see modern and stylish dress at Royal Ascot, just within the parameters of formal wear.”

Whilst modest dresses are not a must in the Royal Enclosure, the less formal grandstand ask only that all women wear a hat or fascinator, whilst in previous years it has only been advised that “many ladies wear hats”.

But rules are easy to stick to when there are so many gorgeous options available. Check out some of our favourites from Gabriela Ligenza.


Fedora Praline CrinPadoga with CherriesWavy Polly