Hat Block Making in Lyon

Despite the downfall of France’s hat making industry, block maker Dieder Laforest has opened a hat block making workshop at Lyon’s Hat Museum. Dieder’s passion for hat block making and faith in the hat making industry lead him to open the workshop at the museum.

La Chapellerie

La Chapellerie

La Chapellerie (The Milliner’s Workshop) was rehabilitated by the County of Forez en Lyonnaise as a fashion, hats and craftsmen’s centre this April, and is now home to Laforest’s workshop. As the creator of a compulsory tool for milliners and hat makers, Laforest said, “As the hat block maker obviously need milliners, they also need him.”

Tutored by Tino Re, a milliner famous for serving international fashion houses for over 40 years, Laforestscultps wood into different shapes to create hat blocks according to each milliner’s specific needs.