Controlling the Rain at The Barbican

Controlling The Rain

After a particularly wet summer, Controlling The Rain at the Barbican will make anyone wish that nature worked the same way as this innovative new instalment.

Using 3D video cameras and computer equipment, The Rain Room maps the movement of bodies passing through, causing the rain to halt overhead as you walk through.

Controlling The Rain

Visitors are forced to put trust into the display to keep them dry, as the water falls around them at 1000 litres per minute. Along with the drumming sound of running water, the carefully choreographed downpour is certainly a surreal experience.

Developed by three young artists from the Random International collective, the technology has taken since January to perfect, and now takes up the full 100 square metres of the Barbican’s Curve gallery.

Controlling The Rain

Controlling The Rain is at the Barbican until 3 March 2013.

All images courtesy of Barbican press office.