Framed! at Fashion Space Gallery

Gabriela Ligenza Framed

A collection of over 200 pieces of designer eyewear is on display at London College of Fashion’s Fashion Space Gallery as part of the ‘Elements of Fashion’ exhibition.

Laid out as a journey through the history of specs, the gallery boasts some of the weirdest and most wonderful designs, highlighting that glasses are so much more than a way of seeing.

Having become a real fashion statement in recent years, it’s not uncommon to see non-prescription lenses worn on just about anyone, adding a geek chic touch to any kind of outfit. The playground taunts of ‘four eyes’ are no more, as this beautifully curated collection presents.

Montague Chief Framed

The gallery, which could easily be mistaken for Elton John’s accessory cupboard, is contextualised with a timeline by Emily Alton. Classic designs by Lagerfield and Prada sit alongside Emma Montague’s ‘Chief’ frames made from teeth, and Givenchy’s Autumn 2012 fur-trim shades, emphasising just how far eyewear in modern fashion has come.

There are pieces from almost every notable designer of the century, showing that eyewear is not forgotten when it comes to style, and are kept in line with current styles no matter the season.

A-Morir Framed

Highlights of the exhibition include Terry Richardson’s famous aviators, Tatty Devine’s eyelash frames, and A-Morir’s floral-framed oversized sunnies.

Framed! is open at Fashion Space Gallery until November 3rd