Nagi Noda Hair Hats

Gabriela Ligenza Nagi Noda Hair Hats

We all spend a lot of time on our hair: growing it; getting rid of it; styling it… But it’s doubtful that many of us have ever considered turning it into animal-shaped hats.

Even the most eccentric of milliners were surprised by the innovative idea, brought to life by Japanese artist Nagi Noda. Her wonderful, albeit impractical headpieces come in all shapes and sizes, from cats and dogs to stags, walruses, and even full birds nests. Creepier pieces include a cobweb complete with a hanging spider, and bears paws appearing from behind the neck.

Noda, who is sadly no longer with us, made quite a statement with these hairy creations in 2008, leaving many in awe of their artistic qualities regardless of their impracticality as fashion.

Gabriela Ligenza Nagi Noda Hair Hats

None other than Lady Gaga, the only person alive who would actually rock this eccentric look, commissioned a hair hat of her own, rocketing Noda’s designs into the limelight, and making them an internet sensation.

Japanese arts and fashions are known globally for their eccentric quirks, and Noda’s designs are no different, yet at the same time, are in a league of their own.

The exquisitely constructed hats are causing as much as a stir in the arts scene now as they were four years ago, proving once more than impractical fashions remain strong in the creative world.